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Daves Kart & Cycle

2139 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix Arizona 85016
* 4hp Industrial Engine
* Rack & Pinion easy kid steering
* Heavy Duty 1" Tubing and Cage
* Live Axle ( 2wd )
* Adjustable Seat
* Hydraulic Disc Brake
* 3 Point Shoulder/Lap belt
* 3 year engine warranty
* Torque Converter Driven (CVT)
* 150cc Engine & Heavy Duty Chassis
* 1.75 gallon fuel capacity
* Keyed Electric Start
* CVT Transmission w/Reverse
* Hydraulic Disc brakes
* Adjustable Seat
* Shoulder/Lap belts
* 1 year engine warranty
*  Bright Headlights for ultra child safety
*  Tons of aftermarket performance parts/upgrades available
ASW    Black Widow
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Since the 1960's we have been with Manco/ American Sportworks and we continue that long tradition with them. 
Very, high quality American gokarts are "Ready to Run" meaning they are completely ready. You can take em out of here and tear up some dirt the moment you get home.   These aren't your local auto parts clearance chinese karts that you cant get parts for after x-mas.
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$200 off regular price
$200 off regular price

Go Kart with performance power!

208cc 4-Stroke Engine with a 3 year warranty

Torque Converter, Dual Wheel Driveand Rack & Pinion Steering for a fun driving experience

Full Suspension and Hydraulic Brake to ride the bumps and stay in control

Power & Speed: Up to 24 mph

Pedal latch parking brake for safer starting


The Marauder is a sweet new model. Get em while they last.... A bargain at
daves_kart_and_cycle003006.gif pgk150-2grn_64921_400x400.jpg paz125-1_71083_400x400.jpg
Call for availability and prices
50cc for the small kids
*add 4% for credit cards
*add 4% for credit cards
*add 4% for credit cards
*add 4% for credit cards